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Whether you are seeking a divorce, child custody, a paternity action or stepparent adoption, a family law attorney on your side can help prevent and solve problems along the way.

Family law issues can have a long-lasting impact on your finances as well as the strength of your family ties. At KKG Law, we are sensitive to the needs and expectations of our clients.

We understand the emotional nature of a separation or divorce, and the impact of parents’ marital discord on children. We advise parents of the importance of honoring the best interests of the child in custody, visitation and other child-related issues. Every family law judge keeps this principle as a high priority in any family law case that involves children.

Child Support, Guardianship And Adoption

The amount of child support that one parent will be expected to pay the other will be largely determined through a state calculator that takes into account:

  • The incomes of each parent
  • The amount of time the child will spend with each parent.

There may also be special factors to consider such as a parent’s disability or a child’s therapy or tutoring needs. A family law attorney can help you make a case for deviation from the standard child support calculations.

Sometimes families pursue solutions for adults with disabilities or children through guardianships. Most guardianship cases are handled through probate courts in California. You may be:

  • A grandparent seeking legal rights to raise your grandchild whose parents are deceased, absent or unstable
  • An aunt, uncle or close family friend caring for a child. Guardianship may provide security in such circumstances.
  • A family member watching out for an adult relative with dementia or another disability

At KKG Law, you will find the help that you and the child or disabled adult need to make guardianship a reality.

Adoption is a family law issue that many clients and attorneys alike consider to be very positive and even joyful. This can be true for:

  • A stepparent adoption
  • A grandparent adoption
  • The adoption of a niece, nephew, brother or sister
  • The adoption of a foster child
  • A private adoption
  • The U.S. completion of an international adoption
  • Surrogacy involving genetic donors

It is also important to ensure that an adoption will be irreversible. At KKG Law, we will help you complete all requirements for a secure adoption.

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