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California Religious Discrimination

California whistleblower protection laws protect employees from employers retaliating against them for reporting violations of law.  If you are a California employee and you report any violation of the law to your employer, to a supervisor, or to any outside government agency, you are protected by the laws of California. This means that your employer cannot retaliate against you by terminating your employment, demoting you, or taking any adverse actions against you.

Building Your Whistleblower Retaliation Case

If you have been fired, forced to quit, demoted, or retaliated against in some other way based on your whistleblower activity then you may have a case. To build your case we recommend that you document everything. You should keep a record of what happened or is happening, why you quit your job or are planning to do, or why you were fired, any company contracts, policies, pamphlets that may be available to you, all writings or emails showing that you complained to HR, a manager, supervisor, employer, or outside of agency of the illegal conduct. If any witnesses witnessed the illegal conduct, their testimony may also be evidence to support your case. Remember, building your case requires facts that can be proven by some form of evidence and evidence comes in many forms.

Helping Victims of Whistleblower Retaliation

An employment lawyer at KKG Law can help if you have been constructively discharged or forced to quit your job for any of the above reasons or any reasons that violate the law. We represent current and former employees in Oakland, San Jose, Fairfield, and all other Bay Area communities. Contact us at  for a free case evaluation.