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Get Help in Defending Your Rights as An Employee

In a perfect world, your job should provide you comfort, stability, and safety, both in the workplace environment and in interactions with other co-workers. Unfortunately, some employers are willing to hurt their employees or turn a blind eye to serious workplace issues to protect their bottom line. Not only does this negligence hurt performance and morale, but it also can have lasting physical and mental effects on the employee and their family.

Our staff at KKG Law has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area to fight for these workers and bring them justice and peace of mind after enduring weeks, months, or even years of mistreatment and neglect in their workplace. We aim to provide you with the representation and support you deserve as you work towards a brighter future.

We Will Stand Beside You in A Variety of Workplace Conflicts

There are some ways we can assist you when it comes to employment law, some of which include:

  • Sexual harassment, ranging from inappropriate sexual jokes, emails, conversations, and advancements to unwelcome physical contact
  • Discrimination of someone due to their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, and any disabilities they may have
  • Retaliation against a worker, including the creation of a hostile work environment or prevention of promotions and demotions due to complaints about the workplace, company activities, and more
  • Whistleblowing on company actions that resulted in the employee being retaliated against
  • Wrongful termination of a worker who has been discriminated against or retaliated against
  • Wage disputes, including wages from tips, overtime, and hourly wages

Not only can we passionately represent you as you face these issues, but we also are available to provide resources to you and your family if needed.

If You Have Been Wronged, You Need Someone to Work to Make It Right

You do not need to continue silently suffering from a hostile work environment. KKG Law is available to take your call and hear your side of the story.

To discuss your workplace issues with a qualified employment law attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area today, you can call or send a message about your inquiry.