Domestic Violence

Are you charged with a domestic violence crime against your spouse, child, or partner? California takes domestic violence crimes very seriously and there are special laws covering this particular area. We at the Law Offices of Karan K. Gill, understand that often people are falsely accused of domestic violence crimes because the party making the domestic violence allegations has ulterior motives.


These motives can include various reasons such as child custody, jealousy or it could be simple as the person making the domestic violence allegations is bi-polar or suffers from some other mental illness. We understand that the seriousness of being accused of a domestic violence crime and potential impact it can have on  your life, immigration, child custody, etc.


It is important that you immediately consult with an attorney if you are being charged with a domestic violence crime, your whole life is possibly is at risk of being affected! Call us today to help you with all of your domestic violence issues! at 510.629.0533 or 408.780.4288

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